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Healthy Living

A non commercial site (in other words, just for a change not trying to sell you something or sign you up), Healthy Living is a website to promote Scotland's national healthy living campaign. It features a list of healthy eating activities by location, a quiz to help you assess how healthy your own diet is, top tips on healthy eating, recipe and meal ideas, and the opportunity to email an expert with your queries.


CalorieCounter offers help and advice on planning a diet to lose weight in a healthy way. The site has information on how many calories are needed based on body type and activities, as well as how many are in various types of food. It offers diet tips, planning ideas for meals, some diet plans as samples and easy ways to avoid \'accidentally\' over eating.


Weightwatchers have been helping people diet and lose weight for more than 35 years using a simple \'Points\' system. Their site has everything you could want to know about how they work and how to join, as well as information on health, nutrition, diet and fitness, and some handy recipes and food ideas. If you would like to attend a meeting they offer a postcode search to help you find a meeting near you.

Weightloss Resources

Weightloss Resources offers weight loss programmes and diet tools for healthy weight loss. The site has an online calorie and nutrition counter for a wide range of popular foods, and lists information for 12,000 UK food brands with values for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre. Members services include setting goals and tracking exercise online.