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Register of Exercise Professionals

Register of Exercise Professionals allows visitors to search for personal trainers in London, Birmingham and Manchester and any other town or city in the UK. The site also provides information on the UK\'s leading personal training and fitness courses and for those interested in getting into the industry has information on training jobs, careers and more.

Wee Yogi

A yoga instructor that offers private sessions at your choice of location or over Skype, as well as hosted retreats in the Dunkeld area. Susan is also a qualified massage therapist and can help you achieve your ideal inner and outer health.

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Looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary? You could try some of the experiences on offer from EXhilaration. They sell experience gift vouchers that come in presentation gift packs and allow the recipient to book a time and date of their choice. These include golf tutorage, holidays in a box, bodyguard training (Whitney Houston not provided), wine and dining and more.


Happyexercising.co.uk is dedicated to exercise, nutrition and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Written by an accredited Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, it contains exercise advice, nutritional tips, a cooking and shopping guide (as well as a section on the advantages of having a personal trainer and nutritional therapist, naturally).


ReVitalyz teach you to deliver Seated Physical Activities (SPA) which are suitable for office workers, people with limited mobility, those suffering from dementia or living in a care environment. Delivered across the UK, their accredited workshops are motivational and experiential, providing the latest information and techniques. ReVitalyz also supply a specialised range of practical items recommended for SPA.

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Exercise.co.uk is a online shop selling a wide range of fitness and exercise related products. They have split their range into equipment for home, professional venues, the disabled, children or leisure. Most items are delivered free of charge, and the shopping facility is clear and easy to use.

Love Those Shoes

In an unusual approach to fitness, Love Those Shoes offer special shoes with the claim that \"Walking in these shoes for an hour is the same as 3 hours exercise\". These shoes are apparently designed to mimic the way that the Masai tribe walk, and have a very complex sole design, but fortunately don\'t look all that strange.