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Amazing Chinese Food

On Amazing Chinese Food, Wenping (Sophia) shares her love and knowledge on healthy Chinese recipes. She also gives information and tips on Chinese teas, diets and special foods, nutritional super foods, kitchen tools and more.

Online Slimming Club

The Online Slimming Club is a new UK weight-loss club providing personalised diet programmes, weigh-in facilities, comprehensive progress tracking, fitness information and expert support. Their friendly site has chat rooms and message boards for members to build a sense of community, and a host of features such as food diaries, calorie counters and meal builders to help with dieting.

Low Fat Veggie Food

This site does exactly what it says on the tin; Low Fat Veggie Food is dedicated to Vegetarian weighloss diets. Features include low fat vegetarian recipes, weightloss tips, diet plans and support, slimming success stories, cookbooks and reviews of some of the popular diets out there.

Closer Diets

Closer Slim is a healthy eating and dieting site that offers 16 different eatingplans, allowing you to choose the one most compatible with your tastes and health requirements. Dieters are also encouraged to talk to Closer Slim\'s nutrional team and other members of their online diet community.


Weightwatchers have been helping people diet and lose weight for more than 35 years using a simple 'Points' system. Their has everything you could want to know about how they work and how to join, but also information on health, nutrition, diet and fitness, and some handy recipes and food ideas. If you would like to attend a meeting, they also have a search form to find one near your postcode.


Slendertone claim to be the only clinically proven range of toning products. Products include abdominal toning belts, toning shorts for ladies or the new upper body muscle toner and strengthener - Fortex. The beauty of toning belts and shorts is that you can be toning up whilst doing other activities around the house or in the office (or if you are being lazy watching telly) . There is an online demo so you can see exactly how easy they are to use.