National Health Service

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Christie Hospital NHS Trust

The Christie Hospital NHS Trust is the largest cancer treatment centre of its kind in Europe, and an international leader in cancer research and development. Their site is a cancer information resource for patients, health professionals and research workers, and contains links to all the other major cancer related sites and charities in the country.


NHSDirect is designed by the National Health Service to be a gateway to health information on the internet. This site is completely packed with useful information, including details about illnesses, self-help guides for common conditions, health discussion topics and frequently asked questions. It also has a database of local NHS information.

NHS Careers

This site contains information on National Health Service careers in England. This includes the many career options available to people joining the NHS, an idea of what its like working for the NHS, education and training and developments in healthcare in the country.

The National Health Service

The official site of the NHS, this has wide ranging information and links to the various NHS organisations on the net. The site includes a Local Services search that allows visitors to find any from a list of services near their own postcode and lists travel distances to get to them. It also goes in to some depth in explaining the NHS\'s goals, services and working practices.