Natural Remedies

Read what our editors had to say about these leading Natural Remedies sites. If you know of a high quality website on this topic, please let us know.

Ann Schneider-Cullen

Ann Schneider-Cullen is a natural health practitioner that provides training and courses on Thought Field Therapy, a practice that helps the user deal with emotional and fear issues that stand in the way of achieving ideal physical health.

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Angie Doig-Thorne Clinical Hypnotherapist

A York-based practitioner of therapeutic hypnotherapy, which helps patients make lifestyle changes and reach their goals. A medication-free treatment that assists with stress, confidence, anxiety, pain and other behavioural problems.

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NPL Self Treatment

Self-help healing: making use of an NPL distance healer's energies to break down your own or someone else's subconscious blockages. When you concentrate on an NPL healer, his subconsicous mind will perceive this and his subconsicous energy will flow towards you or another person for whom you ask for help and remove blockages in your or the other person's subconscious mind.

Good Night Anti Snoring Ring

The natural, non invasive Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring uses tried and tested principles of acupressure to help you to stop snoring. It comes with a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

Online Bach Flower Therapy Consultation : Purge Negative emotions

We offer online consultation for correcting emotional imbalance based on the principles of Bach Flower Therapy and recommend a customized essence program for eliminating Unwanted Thoughts and Negative emotions from the Personality.

All Natural Corn Bag Heating Pads

Microwaveable heat packs are a common remedy for short and long-term pain relief and improved blood flow. Corn is the best quality filler, being more flexible than stuffing or gel, not requiring \"refreshing\" between uses and holding its heat longest. These corn bags can also be frozen to provide cool relief from aches and stress.

BalancedHealing Yoga

BalancedHealing empowers you to bring true wellness into your everyday life. Personal Wellness Coaching Programs and Sessions are offered from anywhere in the country (by phone or skype), to help you shift your life toward greater wellness in a sustainable manner. Also available: Holistic networking, business development for natural practitioners, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, & Pranayama instruction, Reflexology, Polarity Balancing, Retreats, and Workshops.

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Aromatherapy Online

Online shop offering locally produced essential oils and other aromatherapy products for delivery throughout Australia.

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Iboga Therapy

We offer an Iboga ceremony in a luxurious bungalow in the Netherlands.