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Garden Pharmacy

Garden Pharmacy claims to be the UK´s largest and longest-established online Health and Beauty Site. They offer all leading brands of fragrances, cosmetics and skincare as well as a vast selection of vitamins, health products, and niche products such as Tendskin, Nads and Carmex.

1st Vitality

1st Vitality provide innovative health products. They have natural health solutions for: energy, diet & fitness, sexual health, arthritis, allergies, natural HRT, digestion, hyperactivity & ADHD, depression, stress, anti-ageing, mental health, heart and much more.

The Allergy Site

This is an excellent site for anyone who suffers from allergies or is supporting someone who does. The site offers an A to Z of medication with explanations of what each is and what it does, information about specific allergies, a forum, useful links and phone numbers. It is fairly new and so is not yet comprehensive, but it's well laid out and looks set to be a good resource.


AllergyMatters is an online allergy shop offering a range of products to treat your pet, your home and your clothing to combat the affects of allergies. These include such items as pet shampoos, sprays and laundry treatments.