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Department of Health

The official site Department of Health with extensive collection of publications and policy statements about the National Health Service. Contains information about the Department and the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme, as well as a News Desk and NHS policy and guidance.

Surgery Door

Surgery Door is a UK based online health service with all sorts of information and health advice. The site is divided into sections like health tips, what to do in emergencies, in depth discussions of illnesses and diseases, a medical dictionary and more. It also features frequently updated health news. is an independent UK travel health site with advice and resources for travellers. The site\'s primary focus is on giving practical health advice for individuals travelling abroad and includes a wide range of topics, including preventing accidents, stress, insurance and children\'s health while on holiday.

Venus Health Directory

Gain Visibility on health directories


The SuperLiving site is designed to give information about staying healthy and how to help yourself if you are ill. It is divided into sections about all aspects of health, covering topics such as blood pressure, colds and flu and how to quit smoking. Most sections offer products for sale online.


Health advice for students and young people from StudentHealth. Written by NHS GPs based at the University of Sussex it offers a wide range of information designed to be of interest to young people as well as online version of advice leaflets. The site also has a list of university and college health centres for each region of the UK.

ABC Medical Directory

Medical and Health related sites directory about diet, fitness, diseases, health resources, men's and women's health, products and services.

Home Health Care: Industry View

A professional in the home health care industry of nearly two decades shares her knowledge. There’s information for healthcare professionals, employers and the client. Articles cover a wide range of topics including home health aide, elderly health care, CNA and HHA training and much more.

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