Rail Travel

Our editors found these Rail Travel websites useful. Know of a better site? Contact us to submit your resource.

National Rail

If you're looking for timetables click on Planning Your Journey or just pick up the phone and call 08457 48 49 50. The site also offers comprehensive engineering, breakdown and disruption information for all train lines and operators. It's somewhat of a mammoth site and it seems to have grown faster than they were able to keep up with so it's not the most intuitive of navigation structures but at least it's all in one place.

South West Trains

South West Trains provide rail transport throughout the South of England but their site is useful for finding out the times for any rail journey. In addition to timetables, engineering work notices and fare information the site also offers online vouchers for special offers on days out for combined rail journey / attraction entrance tickets.


I won't bother telling you about Eurostar as I assume you already know what it is. The site however may be new to you. You can use the Eurostar website to check timetables, destinations and fares as well as to book a trip or find special offers. To be honest, they could have done more with it but at least it's a start. If you're looking to book a short break you'd probably be better off using a different site.


Quick, simple, straight forward. Just book train tickets. Oh, and you can find out train times and routes as well or have that information sent to your mobile. Nothing fancy, just really useful.

Virgin Trains

You can use the Virgin Trains site to find timetable and price information as well as to book tickets. Interestingly, I have on occasion found that it was actually cheaper to book at the station than on their site for the same journey. Odd, but there you go.


thetrainline, like Qjump, allows you to buy train tickets online. You can use their system to find train times and routes, but the thing that really bugged me is that they require you to register before they show you the prices. So as you can imagine, I've never bothered to book through them.