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Mobile Offices

This in-depth feature article on the amusingly named site \"Hobo Traveler\" gives a great deal of advice and demonstrations of how to create a lightweight and cheap office anywhere you go, with just a few pieces of equipment. Even if you are not planning on working but need to stay connected in the most out of the way places, this site will help you.

The Backpacking Site

Although primarily aimed at backpackers, this site should be recommended to anyone who wants a concise, yet comprehensive, country overview. The Backpacking Site provides general travel and visa info on roughly 50 countries. For some of the more popular destinations the site also offers hostel and employment information and phrasebooks.


NETAway is a new pay as you go service that allows anyone to connect to the Internet in over 105 countries at a flat charge of 8p/min. Perfect for travellers with a laptop, MAC or a PDA. If you are traveller who needs to send & receive emails from your existing mail account, or just a holiday traveller browsing the web & keeping in touch with friends & family, NETAway has 18,000 local dial up access numbers worldwide cutting out the need to make a costly international call to your home.

T-Tower Tokyo Guest House

A Tokyo based guest & boarding house. Conveniently located in the Takadanobaba area, T-Tower guest-house is only four minutes away from Sjinjuku via the JR Yamanote line.


i-to-i provides supported volunteer placements for people who want to do something different and rewarding with their time off. They offer teaching, conservation, community development, and professional placements available in 24 countries around the world. All prices include full travel insurance, food and accommodation arrangements, emergency cover, a worldwide support network, and training provided for all volunteers.

Off Exploring

Off Exploring provides a unique way for travelers to keep in touch with friends and family. They offer web space and tools to allow travelers to upload a log of their trips as well as photos. At the moment it\'s free to sign up and the site says that although they will introduce fees they should be minimal. If you\'re planning a long trip, this might be worth a try.