This is a list of selected top websites about Watersports. If you know of a better resource, why not submit it to Questfinder.com?


If you feel like surfing something other than the net for a change why not visit Loose-fit which is a REAL surfing site (as in waves). They sell surf gear, surf boards, clothing, surf art and jewellery. They offer next day and 3-day delivery.

Robin Hood Watersports

Robin Hood Watersports are one of the largest specialist watersports shops in the UK with a huge selection

Boards Online

A UK windsurfing magazine with news and information, Boards Online is an excellent windsurfing resource. The site includes a directory of windsurfing locations, shops, forums, clubs, weather forecasts and other windsurfing related information.

Quiver Surf & Eco Tours El Salvador

Quiver Surf is an Eco tour company which offers travel services for Families, Seniors and Surfers interested in exploring beautiful El Salvador

The British Canoe Union

The official site of The British Canoe Union, the governing body for paddlesports in the UK. Focussing primarily on canoeing and kayaking, the site has news and information on the sports, as well as details of youth projects and coaching. Well worth a look for anyone interested in canoeing.

Malaysia Sea Sports

Malaysia Sea Sports offers sea sports, outdoor sports and eco-tourism activities, as well as beach front accommodation.