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Blue Tomato

Blue Tomato is an online snowboarding shop with a huge range of products for sale. They have everything a boarder could want, from the boards to boots, safety gear, goggles, accessories, bags and designer sportswear. Pricing is in Pounds and Euros.


GONEboarding is a UK Snowboarding community site, with lively forums, great pictures and photos. The product reviews are very good, and there is a wide range of 'Stuff' available for sale in an easy to use online shop.

Snowboarding UK

Snowboarding UK is a large forum for discussing everything snowboard-related. The posts are all from visitors to the site, meaning that it is a great place to be unofficial opinions and information not contained in commercial brochures. It also features reviews of snowboarding equipment and a gallery of photographs - and you can add your own.

Board Shop

The Boardshop is an extreme sports shop with categories such as: snow, wind, surf, kite and wake. They sell everything from clothes and equipment to watches and jewellery. The site is easy on the eye and simple to use.

Ski Club of Great Britain

The Ski Club of Great Britain was founded in 1903, and now also includes Snowboarding. The site offers holidays for both skiing and snowboarding, as well as snow reports and ski resort information worldwide. SkiClub contains an information resource for anything ski or snowboard related, and ski resort information and weather forecasts for over 250 resorts worldwide.