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Dine With A View

Why not orientate yourself quickly to this new city from a good vantage point? A beautiful setting is one of the most enjoyable parts of fine dining, and this website puts you in touch with restaurants all over the world that have fabulous views. Whether it is water views, cityscapes, garden settings or historical attractions, Dine With A View will help you make it happen.

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Postcards of the Past

Almost 4000 old postcards from all over the world are categorised on this site by location and provide an excellent historical overview of places, buildings, landscapes and people.

Queensland Armchair Guide

For those seeking a tropical side of Australia, this quirky travel guide is an excellent choice to prepare you. It is packed not only with useful information on accommodation, transportation, restaurants and tour services but also local histories and attractions. A full colour guide displaying the many spiders you may encounter is also included for your enjoyment.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is one of the best all round travel and destination guides out there. They have an absolutely huge amount of information and photographs that give a lot of details on almost anywhere and everywhere you would ever want to go. Put simply, if you like travel you will like this site.

Rooftop Restaurants

Rooftop Restaurants is your worldwide guide to chic cafes, bars and restaurants that are perched on the top of buildings. Those that enjoy the thrill of heights or are seeking somewhere unique to go while on vacation will certainly find some ideas here.

China Holidays

For interested China travellers, this site offers all the important tourist information such as Visas, China holidays, major traditional festivals, cultural china highlights, attractions and much more.