Last Minute Holidays

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Last Minute Wales

Last Minute Wales tells you most of what you need to know about the site in the title. They have a variety of Welsh holidays and cottage rentals available, with information and online booking. The site also features places to stay, activities, days out, places to visit and lots more about Wales.

Teletext Holidays

Based on their long-running text-based television channel service, Teletext Holidays now offer a wide range of holidays and last minute bookings from their web site. They have similar excellent deals, but it must be said its much easier to use on the web, and as a bonus its not black and white.

OK, OK, so you knew this one would be in here. Can I help it if they've done a good job? They now even have special deals for family holidays. This is THE place to find good deals for just about any type of travel, holiday or break.

JustClick LastMinute

JustClick LastMinute offers visitors from the UK last minute deals and discount-rate booking at a wide range of hotels and resorts in Australia. Featuring all major locations and low prices even on 5-star accommodation, the site also has an excellent depth of information on each location.