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Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre is the UK's leading toy retailer for children aged 0-6. Because they are one of the leading brands on the high street its hardly surprising they have a great site with a huge selection of toys.

Toy Centre

The Toy centre has load of great toys to choose from in categories such as boxed games, boys and girls, make believe, collectibles and die cast toys. The site is very professional and easy to use. Delivery is next day and costs £4.50

Teddy 4 U

This site offers online ordering of teddy bears, soft toys and personalised calendars. They have a nice little selection of soft toys for babies, recordable bears, character soft toys such as Beatrix Potter, Dennis the Menace and Spiderman, as well as lovely wild animal soft toys including a gorgeous orange orangutan.

Gifted Goat

The Gifted Goat is a site that specialises in unusual toys and gifts. What kind of usual? Well, wigwams for kids, laser cut 3d cats (what?) and umbrellas in the shape of bumble bees.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us now sell most of their huge range of toys online. Fortunately they have organised their products into categories that are easy to browse through, and there are some search tools to speed it up. Delivery costs extra on a per order (rather than item) basis.