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In Car Gadgets

Disclaimer: We do not endorse speed demons. Now that that's out of the way, if you are looking for radar detectors you'll find a good selection here. The site also sells GPS gatso cameras, accident blackspot detectors, laser gun diffusers and jammers and in car entertainment systems.

That's Bizarre

Refreshingly different design from most gift shops although the gifts on offer aren\'t really all that bizarre. They offer a decent selection of slightly alternative, wacky and naughty gifts. Good for a laugh.

Fire Box

Firebox is a gifts and gadgets store. Their tag line is 'we dont stop playing because we get old - we get old because we stop playing' so maybe the more you play the younger you are - and if that's true then my boyfriend is 6. They sell everything from camcorders to remote control planes so get online and play away.


What a lot of stuff! But I'm not sure about the "stone age prices" claim; the numbers next to the pound signs look quite healthy to me. Never mind, boys' toys never come cheap and most gadget lovers are only too happy to top their girlfriends' monthly shoe expenditure several times over. Go on, have a look.

The Gadget Shop

The Gadget Shops website isn't as cool as you would imagine considering their groovy shops - but it is very functional and easy to use. You can buy everything online that you can instore from the comfort of your home. It's also a great place to use up your vouchers if you can't get to a store.


This is the ultimate boys toys shopping site. Whether you love or hate gadgets, this site is the place to go to find the perfect gadget, gismo or gee wizz accessory for the guys in your life.

Dr. Gadget

Selling gadgets, toys and novelty items, this site lets you confine your search to specific price brackets, gender, age groups and type. They offer a decent selection of products as well as gift certificates. It might not win the prize for coolest gadget site of the year but it's perfectly good enough.

Gadget Stuff

If you are looking for gadget gifts, have a wide range of items that range all the way from ludicrous to almost-useful. The site can be searched either by department and range or by price, with a handy gift guide to make choosing easier.


Before you get too excited, this isn't one of those really cool gadget sites. Don't get me wrong, the gadgets are cool, but the site's a bit "normal". You know, clean design, easy to use, oh, and an extensive selection of --- you guessed it, gadgets.

Gizmo and Widget

This site offers loads of really cool rubbish. From the two elephant long crossword to the pig catapult - oh come on, you know you want it.