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Deesons Restaurant

Pre-theatre meal from a 2 or 3 course set menu (5 to 7 Mon-Fri only) or the more elaborate dinner menu (5 to 10 Mon-Sat). Lunch is available between 12 to 3, while Sunday is open all day with an amazing selection of roast dinners served between 12 - 10. There is choice for everyone including a menu for the children. Holders of an entry in The Michelin Guide for 2014. Tickets

That's right, have extended their range to concert and theatre tickets. You can book tickets for shows throughout the UK (yes, they do have theatres outside of London!) with options ranging from dirt cheap to a luxurious dining/theatre experience.

Guardian Unlimited: Arts

True to form, the Guardian once again delivers a high quality directory covering TV, radio stations, music, concerts, cinemas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theatres. With a “pick of the week†section, special reports and reviews, this is probably the best place to start planning your night out. Some of the sections link to relevant venues throughout the UK to make your planning that much easier.

This is Theatre

This is Theatre is a very simple, nicely designed site for everything you need to know about the theatre world. With an A-Z of both theatres and shows, theatres are also listed by region and London has a page of its own.