Music Tickets

Our editors found these Music Tickets websites useful. Know of a better site? Contact us to submit your resource.


A good sized site with a large variety of music tickets and information on the bands and venues. The site has information on the top current tours and hot new tickets.

BBC - Tickets

Get free Tickets for BBC TV and Radio shows from the BBC Tickets site. Shows include a wide variety of music and live-audience programs for radio presentations, as well as for BBC Television.

Herts Box Office

Herts Box Office have tickets to a range of live music, concerts and festivals in the UK. Brief information on each event is given, with online purchasing available.


One of the UK's Leading Gig Guides, the Bigmouth site features all UK Music Tour Dates, UK Festival Guides, concert tickets, daily music news, and links to thousands of UK artist's web Sites.

Latest Events

Latest Events sell tickets to just about every live music event. Basic information is given on this nice clean site, with easy access to booking.

Ticket Zone

Ticket Zone provide tickets to a smaller variety of music and similar events around the UK, and in association with the Concert Travel Company can also offer travel and accommodation.