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Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese Website is a blog-style site that introduces both Chinese culture and language, with simple lessons on grammar and the origin of Chinese characters. It provides light-hearted and regular aid to your Chinese learning.

Scuola Tricolore

This Italian language school based in Genoa offers language courses the whole year round. This simply designed site allows you to check course start dates and duration, and provides price information as well as an overview of the area.

Spanish courses in Latin America

This site invites you to try learning Spanish language in Latin America - countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Choose the country of your interest and explore available courses at language schools in a range of locations where Spanish is an official language.

East Yorkshire Pages

Besides reading stories, poems and literary articles by local people, you can also read articles about the history of the Bridlington and East Yorkshire area, and see pictures of local sites of interest. There are many links in this site that are very useful to students of languages, particularly Spanish.

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GrowStoryGrow LTD

GrowStoryGrow provides an online library of stories specially structured for learning a language in: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish or Mandarin.

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Linguaphone UK

Linguaphone have always had the goal of making Languages easy. Their site now offers over 500 courses in more than 30 languages. Whether you want to become fluent or just learn enough to get by on holiday, this is a good place to start.

Spanish Classes In London

London based Spanish lessons. Learn the Spanish language in a class group or privately with a tutor.

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ABC Spanish Courses in Argentina

Learn Spanish with ABC Spanish Schools. Come Learn Spanish with ABC Spanish Schools and enjoy a stimulating, multicultural environment with the most effective, energetic and highly qualified teaching staff around.

German Lessons in London

London based German lessons. Learn the German language in a class group or privately with a tutor.

Language Lessons in London

Learn languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Russian and Arabic in a group class or privately with a tutor.

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