Computer Courses

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Compteach International

Compteach International is an independent computer training company with a very professional and easy to use site. They offer a range of courses in the basics of computer practice as well as all the fundamentals of IT.

Learning Tree

Learning Tree offers IT Training with hands on courses under the guidance of instructors. They currently have around 150 courses available, including popular topics such as web development, java, XML, C++ and Asp.Net.

University of Westminster

School of Electronics and Computer Science at University of Westminster. They offer a diverse range of Computer Science degrees at all levels that can be studied full or part time. The site has an excellent step by step guide to their offerings to students and business.

IT SKills

For anyone looking for a quicker, cheaper and simpler introduction to computers, IT Skills offer the European Computer Driving Licence course for around £35. The ECDL is the European-wide qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills.

Avantus Technology Education

Avantus specialises in providing innovative computer training and support, fixing hardware problems, installing software, MYOB Training and helping you to get your computer and other appliances to work in the way that you want them to. They can teach you how to use your equipment to the best of your knowledge at an affordable price.

Firebrand Training

Firebrand Training is an IT instruction and certification program. It's not an online correspondence course; it is a gruelling camp that you go to in order to gain your chosen IT qualification. They have numerous locations and dedicated training centres across Europe to choose from.

National IT Learning Centre

The National IT Learning Centre provides a range of computer courses leading to MOUS, MCP, MCSE, MCSA, CIW, Cisco and A+ certification. Their site details their offering to IT Professionals and Project Managers, with full online support and a good depth of information.

IT Learneasy

This distance Learning company offer a wide range of interactive self-study training programs, from beginner computing courses to web design and development to advanced programming and qualifications. Their site lists these and the career development programmes that they offer.


Based in Conwy, Keimos offers IT training and courses in office skills, networking, web design, databases, programming, operating systems and soft skills. The site provides details on the courses offered as well as pricing and ordering information.