Gift Lists And Ideas

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John Lewis Gift List

John Lewis Gift List is one of the most popular list in the UK and first choice for people with a major event to celebrate, such as a wedding a christening, a major anniversary or a birthday.

Wedding Favours

Offering wedding favours, wine charms, table decorations and flowers, this lovely site also has a selection of small gifts, tiaras and wedding stationery. You can order using the online order form but payment is by credit card, taken over the phone, or by cheque.

Love Quotes

Need a short quote or a little poem to add to your wedding congratulations card? Or are you looking for wise words about love, partnership, devotion and friendship? This site has a vast collection of excellent quotes.

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Wedding Gifts

Aimee’s Boutique is an excellent online source for bridal party wedding gifts and wedding accessories of the best quality. A wide range of personalised gifts, including old favourites such as pocket watches and glasses as well as new options such as iphone covers, helps make your wedding unforgettable.

Christening and Wedding Favours

This site specialises in wedding, christening and special occasion favours based on the traditional five sugared almonds with mint crisp chocolates as an optional alternative. They offer a wide range of favours at decent prices as well as bubbles, rose petals and confetti. The website is very simple to use and well presented with orders taken by email, phone or post.