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Big selection, daily features, secure transactions, live bid events

Search for items on hundreds of auction sites, manage your bids & payments, auction news & reviews, feature articles, tips, collector's info, more


Yeah, yeah, we all know about it. But it's still a heck of a lot of fun and a great way to find bargains or spend huge amounts of money - it all depends on how much you want to 'win that auction'. |

Hardware, software, & electronics store, plus surplus liquidations & auctions of computer products, sports equipment, electronics, and travel packages


Resources for all kinds of collectibles - auctions, catalogues, art price guides, publications, associations, dealers, galleries, online exhibits, messages


Online auctions of fine art & collectibles, books, furniture & decorative art, jewellery, photographs, watches & clocks, silver, more

Totalbids Free Auctions

If you want to try selling on an auction but don\'t want to cough up the cash this might be a good place to get your feet wet. Totalbids do not charge sellers for listing, selling or for having a store on the site. It\'s not the mammoth that is ebay, but it is free.


At the other end of auction sites, AuctionAir sells only luxury items from a small range (usually 30) of lots at any one time. Originally invented by British airways for airline passengers to make the most of in-flight time it is now available to anyone, with all money raised going to a nominated charity. Sealed, silent bids, but non-binding so don't be worried about going bid-crazy.

A great selection of items from rated sellers


Search or monitor over 500 auction sites, receive notification when your item comes up for bid, with historical price data


Anything and everything auctioned

First Auction

30 minute auctions, 16 times a day, 48 hour auctions, all the time

Internet Auction List

Hundreds of auction sites categorized

Totalbids Auctions UK

Online auction covering all topics and primarily featuring UK sellers

Yahoo! Auctions

Hundreds of thousands of items for bidding

CQout Online Auctions

CQout Online is a UK based auction site. The range of items sold on this site varies from rare collectibles to every day items to electronics. Registration to bid or sell is free, and they have a large amount of auctions on at any one time.