Financial Services

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Financial Services Authority

The Financial Services Authority is an independent body which regulates the financial services industry in the UK. This site is aimed at consumers and has a lot of information laid-out in an easily accessible and understandable manner. It includes information about your rights, how to find out about financial products, different sorts of pensions and much more.

IFA Guide

The IFA Guide provides information about Independent Financial Advisors all over the UK. These can be searched by name, area or postcode. This site has a both online and conventional contact details for probably every IFA in the country.

Handscombe Financial Planning Limited

The mission at Handscombes is to help you maximize the returns on your money, to minimize your taxes, to help you construct permanent income to ensure you can live as you wish for the rest of your life. They also emphasize on ensuring that family assets pass to children, grandchildren and other family members with a minimum of additional tax.

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The Motley Fool

Not only one of the best money-related websites on the web, The Motley Fool is also one of the most insightful and easiest to read. They manage to cover financial topics that affect us all while injecting enough humour into the discussion to make an interesting read. Some areas require free membership, but if you are at all interested in money and investment its worth the effort.

Square One Financial Planning

Square One Financial Planning are a Sussex firm of chartered financial planners, offering advice on IHT Inheritance Tax, pensions, Iivestments, SIPPs. As independent financial advisors they give sound advice on investment bonds, portfolios, annuities, IHT, retirement planning, SIPP pensions.