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JustClick Travel

This is an online reservation service which allows you to book hotels around the world. Prices are displayed in US Dollars and Euros but there\'s a handy currency converter at the bottom of each page. If you want to book a hotel for anytime in the next 20 days try the last minute tab.

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Cheap Place

The Cheap Living Accommodation Quick Search Engine with Free Adverts and latest property news. You can search for a bed & breakfast, short-term rental, caravan park or hostel.

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Cheap Hotels

For the best deals and over 25,000 hotels in 2000 locations to choose from, visit Traveltura and book your hotel now.

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Hotel Accommodation

The best way to search hotels, motels, inns, B&Bs and holiday rental accommodation anywhere in the world. More than 200,0000 individual lodgings in their based hotel accommodation search engine, many which have multiple providers so you can compare prices from different suppliers and make your own reservations.

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Marriott Hotels

The Marriott website for the UK and Ireland offers accommodation booking at all their hotels around both countries, as well as links to international Marriott bookings. Features include special offers and packages, as well as travel information and tour ideas.

Travel and Party in Thailand

Find all the information you need to travel and Party in Thailand! A list of all event for Tonight and the coming weeks! Find your hotel and choose it from a map depending of the nightlife activity of the district as well as read the travel guides to know all about the area you are traveling in!

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Chiswick Rooms

4 star boutique hotel in London's zone 2, within easy reach of Heathrow Airport, Central London and the main tourist areas. Includes free WiFi and free UK calls.