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The Car Experience

An online auto classifieds network that provides you with the latest exotic cars for sale: Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Lamborghini, and other makers offering luxury imports. They also have dedicated classic car, sports car and Hummer classifieds.

eBay Motors

Ebay sell everything else these days, so why not cars too? The popularity of the service has grown along with the range on offer, but keep in mind that this is an auction site, so some caution may be necessary for first time users.

Desperate Seller

Not just a great name, Desperate Seller also provide a good service. They advertise your car on 101 top car websites - you just input your details and then they do the rest. They promise to reduce the time, stress and money involved in selling your car. Hopefully with this service you won't be a desperate seller for long.

Classic Cars

Find your classic car plus much more ...


Buy, sell or simply drool over the selection available in the online version of the best selling car classifieds. This is the UK's biggest motoring website with over 1.7 million individual visitors each month. There is always a huge range of adverts for 2nd hand vehicles, and the site now offers new cars and insurance searches.

Jam Jar

Jamjar is the UK's leading online car retailer, offering new and used cars which they then deliver customer's driveways. Jamjar cars not only sell vehicles, but provide motor insurance, car loans and breakdown cover.

Did you ever wish there was some unique way to sell your car without any hassle? is designed to help you do just that. Their Premium service involves having the vehicle inspected before being advertised and the results are available online along with 20 photographs. The website also has a wealth of mechanical information, car selling and buying advice, links to news articles and detailed descriptions of three available selling packages.

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