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iHubbub Home Business Network

An online community that lets users network with other business owners or freelancers, and promote their services. There are articles and resources, as well as the ability to upload photos and videos of your product or service offering.

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For those that want to work from home or who are already doing so this is a good place to find business. Smarterwork is a service that acts as an exchange by matching businesses with freelance contractors. A membership fee is required but the benefit to freelancers is that Smarterwork takes payment for all projects on your behalf so you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get paid. They also engage in project management and offer a dispute handling service. Your performance is tracked across all projects and freelancers are also able to rate the customer.

Home Working UK

This site might be of interest to those thinking of working from home. The site offers ideas on what type of jobs can be done from home with links to books, resources and training for each. It also features information on and links to various home based business opportunities as well as a section with warnings about scam home working offers.


This is NOT a get rich quick resource. In fact, the information, advice, tips and warnings you'll find here are very much down to earth and therefore actually quite helpful to anyone who wants to work from home full time or just earn a bit of extra cash. The site also offers classified ads, a forum and a library.


This site includes some business opportunities that have been selected based on no particular experience or large investment being necessary. Contains information pyramid selling and business types to avoid - and believe me there are a lot of scams out there!