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Computing Directories

Computing Directories is a fully searchable database of IT companies in the UK and Ireland. It includes contact details and information of the software products and services offered by each company.

A and P Computers

A and P Computers supply computer equipment to both business and home users. They also offer disaster recovery and repair services, as well as an online quotation service to build your ideal computer.

Bolton Pc

This is an online only computer hardware site based in Bolton, it has a very wide range of products from Media to Motherboards, a shopping cart purchasing service and a good on site map for ease of use.


MicroWarehouse offer 'cost effective personalised technology solutions' which to you and me is computer stuff. They sell laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and also have a nifty little memory selector.


Offer a range of services including custom built servers & PC\'s, network installation & maintenance, web design and asp programming. Their computer systems and services including internet, networking, portable computing and software development for home and business users.

Nouveau Solutions

Nouveau Solutions are specialists in providing networked computer systems, support and maintenance. They work with all sizes of companies and organisations, with the goal being to help them get the most out of their computer systems.